11th graders: „Kissing Like Juliet“

11th graders: „Kissing Like Juliet“

No, this was not a „Learn how to kiss“ course,  just a very entertaining performance of the FLYING FISH THEATRE for nearly  two hundred 11th graders in the freight-shed this afternoon.

The two British professional artists Amy and Peter performed the play „Kissing Like Juliet“ which covers the theatre history from Greek times to naturalists like Chekhov and Ibsen, of course including the British master himself,  Shakespeare.

With the two young persons Joseph, who is just writing his first play, and Sandra, who is more interested in kissing Joseph than in learning anything about the influence theatre had on former audiences, quite an entertaining and amusing show was performed.

In between the audience learnt about Shakespeare’s „Romeo and Juliet“ (without Juliet committing suicide) as well as about male persons as female actors (yes, actresses), ways of just using verbal and expressive means of an actor to manipulate the audience (thanks to „Henry V“) and the imagination of the audience, which playwrights as well as actors are able to create without using any electronical gadgets.

Thus it was not only an entertaining performance for the eagerly watching & listening audience, yet they even learnt a lot about theatre and theatre history simultaneously.

What the actress Amy thinks about the performance:

Fotos als Diashow…


…oder als Einzelbilder zum Durchklicken:

Thanks to the really professonal players on stage (which they even left to get in contact with the real audience) for such an entertaining English lesson!


Feedback by some 11th graders:

I think it was a nice play, but a little bit too giggly for 11th graders. It would have been good for younger persons. But all in all very entertaining! Anna

An interestingly different view on theatre! Martin

I think it was really funny, and I enjoyed to watch it. For me it was an interesting comedy theatre. Huy

Cute way of teaching about the history of theatre. Marisa

Great alternative to the normal afternoon Seminarfach-session.  Johannes

Interesting way to learn about theatre and a good alternative to Seminarfach. Nick