Jg. 5-7: Schottische Vampire auf der Bühne

Jg. 5-7: Schottische Vampire auf der Bühne

Mittwochmorgen im Güterschuppen: 170 fasziniert zur Bühne starrende Fünft- bis Siebtklässler, merkwürdige Gestalten auf der Bühne, halb Vampire, halb Schotten – und dann reden die auch noch in englischer Sprache…

…aber das störte die jungen Ulricianerinnen und Ulricianer gar nicht, denn sie merkten sehr schnell, dass sie aufgrund der wunderbaren mimischen und gestischen Fähigkeiten von Amy und Peter, den beiden Schauspielern des THE FLYING FISH THEATRE die Handlung des Stückes ganz einfach verstehen konnten, auch wenn ihnen einzelne Wörter unbekannt waren.

Of course, it’s not so easy for a young Scottish vampire, who even made some new friends in the Aurich freight-shed, to behave like a vampire: he doesn’t like blood and he doesn’t like the business of his family: running a bloodbank! He doesn’t even like counting the bottles of blood, but luckily the Aurich audience helped him doing that 🙂

He’d rather like to run an ice-cream shop and so he gets help from his cousin and finally he owns his ice-cream shop! One of his first customers was Anja from Gymnasium Ulricianum with one English penny (the actors didn’t know about Anja coming on stage) – unfortunately that was not enough money and she was asked to return the next day…

All in all the audience was fascinated by the songs and the dances, the play and the actors and their wonderful way of speaking a clear English language – and perhaps next year we’ll see this group again with a different play.

BTW: Just imagine young learners of English going to the stage and talking to the actors in English, that’s what happened at the end of the show – amazing and really super, young folks!


Amy and Pete didn’t have much time to relax after this performance, because shortly afterwards the freight-shed was full to the brink again with fifth to seventh graders, this time from Moorhusen and Aurich and from what we’ve heard, they enjoyed the show as well.

And now we let 27 pictures tell the story of the play: