Jg. 8-10 erlebt „Furious Games“

Jg. 8-10 erlebt „Furious Games“

Die vierte und letzte Aufführung im Rahmen des Gastspiels des FLYING FISH THEATRE war harter Tobak für die Jahrgänge 8-10, denn es ging in „Furious Games“ nicht nur um das Thema Gewalt, sondern sehr konkret um Gründe, Prozesse und Entwicklungen, die zu einer gewaltsamen Tat eines zunehmend isolierten und un-beachteten Sechzehnjährigen führ(t)en.

John is quite a good pupil at his school, even performing very well in Maths and Sports. His mother, though, is rather interested in polishing her nails, reading her women’s magazines, and dreaming of George Michael instead of listening to her son, whose father is simply absent and only heard sometimes from the off.

Not a warm and caring environment for John, who is interested in computers-games, yet seems to be quite the average guy. At school he tries to get closer to one of his female classmates, but she not only doesn’t care about him at all, she calls him a loser and a jerk and favours the strong macho type.

When John leaves nasty notes on the blackboard about that couple, she understandably gets angry about him and John violently attacks her.

No chance to talk about all this with his mum, no friend around he could talk to. And of course, he has to see the deputy head of his school who pretends to be interested in him and even wanting to help him. John, though, realizes that she is only a pretender and first gets verbally aggressive, symbolically crying for help again – but in vain.

The catastrophe is inevitable: John pulls out a pistol, a shot is heard, two bodies are lying on the floor, but John gets up again, grabs a second pistol and storms out – what might happen now, takes place in the audience’s head and is known from bad news concerning violent attacks in schools which took place too often in recent years.

Tough topic, food for thought and an impressive impulse to work on this topic in the English lessons.

Thanks to Amy and Peter for this touching and mind-boggling performance.

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