Ulricianer abroad [3/x]: „My big adventure- from Aurich to Sydney“

Ulricianer abroad [3/x]: „My big adventure- from Aurich to Sydney“


G’day everybody! My name is Anna and for the past seven months I have been living in Sydney/Australia, in a region called Macarthur. I now only have three months to go, and so far it has been an amazing experience living with my Australian family.

For the first four months of staying here, I was living with another host family. Unfortunately, there were a few problems and inconveniences along the way, so I decided to transfer to a different family. Since my change, I have made so many memories that will last a lifetime, and I will treasure them forever.



Currently, I live within a huge family, which is awesome, as it reminds me of home! So, from one half of the week I live with one side of the family, and the other half of the week, I live with the other half of the family. I find this really cool, as my host mothers are sisters and they have a huge extended family with heaps of nieces and nephews (it makes it fun as they are mostly my age); so I get to see everyone all the time for barbecues and parties.

That means I have a huge Aussie family looking after me and I love them all.




In my spare time, I go to zumba twice a week with my older host sister Alison. I do this to keep fit as there are so many tempting foods to eat, plus zumba is so much fun!


To be brief, Aussies love their meat pies, frozen coke and sausage rolls, and there are takeaway restaurants and Maccas EVERYWHERE!!

Apart from that, Aussies eat a lot of fruit. It goes from ripe mangoes, strawberries, grapes, watermelons and rockmelons to cherries, avocados, raspberries, apples, peaches and so on… And they taste just great!


The weather over here is absolutely amazing! There is this little southern hemisphere thing that the seasons are the other way round so I am in the middle of summer now, in February. Its over 30 degrees nearly every day, and as I have already acclimatised, when it gets cold (22 degrees) I start putting on jumpers and socks. Its safe to say I am gonna freeze so much when I get home, I do not even wanna think about it. Not ready to leave! At least I can say I have the greatest tan!



The beaches in Australia are obviously the best ones in the world and I love spending time there. The blue water, the white sand, palm trees.. it’s just beautiful! Sunscreen is something Aussies automatically have in their pockets and you have to re-apply it at least every hour, because of the danger of skin cancer.

I got burned a few times and really learned… not a quick as I would have liked.

I even found a job here and I volunteer at the Sydney Trail Riding Centre, and get to ride film horses. Unfortunately I can only do that on the weekends because I have to go to school.



The school in Australia is completely different to what I’m used to in Germany. I am in Year 12 over here and everyone is preparing for their HSC’s (the Australian Abitur). I have six subjects (English, French, Food Technology, Agriculture, Community and Family studies and Biology).

Food Tech is a really interesting subject to me, because I learn about the Australian food industry and how to prepare and store food the right way.

In Agriculture we learn about different farming techniques and we even have a farm at our school, that we have to take care of.


The teachers are really laid back in comparison to German teachers, even though there is a lot of stuff that students have to do on their own, like assessment tasks and study notes.

The school day starts at nine in the morning with Roll Call and usually ends at 3.10 h.We have five periods a day which go for an hour each.


Another thing is that we wear a school uniform. My school, the Elizabeth Macarthur High School (Lizzie mac), has one of the nicest uniforms. As a senior I wear a white shirt with the school logo on it, a grey short skirt, and black vans. We as year 12 students, have a so called ‚year 12 jersey‘ as well. This is a jersey everybody in year 12 gets with their names on it and a photo of our year group in the inside. Its an awesome souvenir to take home! It’s great to have something that connects us and I love wearing a school uniform.


My school is a public school. There is a big difference here between private and public schools. Parents pay a lot of money to send their kids to private schools because the discipline the kids get there is sometimes better, and they also have the chance to use better equipment within the school.

Everybody over here just takes a big folder to school with all the books in there instead of having a big backpack to carry around.

I also had the opportunity to travel around Australia. The first trip was to Cairns in north Queensland. The time seems to fly in this place. I wandered through the Daintree rainforest with all the different animals and plants, went swimming in a river of the rainforest, went snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef on Green Island and saw clown fish, sea turtles, sharks and fish in every colour of the rainbow, swimming just beneath me. It was probably the most amazing and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I had a great time up there.




In the end of October we went to Uluru for 4 days with the greatest tour guide who ate at least two jars of Vegemite (which tastes yuck!) over that period of time. We did a 10k base walk around Uluru at four o’clock in the morning and and saw the amazing sunrise in the red centre and the sunset at night time. After we cooked dinner (kangaroo meat and camel sausages) we set up a camp fire and sat together until late at night. When we all got tired, we just unrolled our swags, (they are outback sleeping bags), and slept outside under the stars of Australia. I will never forget that!


I hope you enjoyed reading my story so far, I have plenty more to come! Kind regards from this adopted Aussie down under, Anna.

To follow more of my story, have a read of my blog:




PS: I wasn’t scared like Mattes of the dangerous animals 😉

PPS: I appreciate it so much that my parents made this exchange possible for me and always supported me with my dreams and wishes, thanks mum & dad!