Ulricianer abroad [10/x]: „The people in Colombia are friendlier!“

Ulricianer abroad [10/x]: „The people in Colombia are friendlier!“

Also Sebastian did a sort of exchange exchange and is back in town now. Irina and Marthe asked him about his experiences in Colombia.

Where have you been and how long?

I was in Bogota, that is the capital of Colombia, at my grandparents‘ home with my family that lives there.

I stayed there for five months during the schooltime.


School is our next question. Could you tell us what your regulary day was like?

On school days I woke up at 5:20 am and at 6:20 am I caught the bus to get to school.

School in Colombia starts at 7:20 am and ends at 04.00 pm.We had luchtime at 2:30 pm.

Often I was at home at 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening because of the trafic in the city.


That seems to be a lot of school, so what about freetime?

Well being so long in school was really exhausting but when I had the power to that after school I played soccer in my housing area. On weekends I met friends, went to the cinema or played soccer again.


Can you describe your surroundings?

In Colombia you can find three different climatic areas: The Andes, the rainforest and the coast. I stayed in the center of the country.


Me with my sister


What is the main difference between Germany and Colombia?

The people! They are friendlier and more open-minded than German people. This positive thinking is catching. But the security is a different thing. Many houses are in a housing estate sourrounded by walls and protected by guards.


Y ahora la última pregunta, cual fue el highlight de tu viaje?

En las vacaciones viaje con mi familia a Argentina y Brasil, fue increíble!

Muchas gracias por tu tiempo.



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