Ulricianer abroad [12/x]: 10 Golden Rules for the USA

Ulricianer abroad [12/x]: 10 Golden Rules for the USA

During the final weeks we’ve been publishing loads of experiences of Ulricianum pupils spending a year abroad. Now a bunch of pupils from grades 10 & 11 were sitting together, whose US experiences are already becoming history, but: We asked them to share their insights and experiences with us (and those who might be interested in going to the US for a year) and here are their golden rules (btw: looks like the small group will meet regularly to talk English with each other, thus avoiding that their fluent English skills are getting rusty and bumpy.


10 Golden Rules for the USA

1. Do not criticize  the American way of life, their lifestyle nor their patriotism.

2. Don’t let it get to you: Try to be as open-minded as possible but hold on to your beliefs.

3. Just go for it! Try out as much as you can – even if it’s something you might not like at
the beginning, yet it might turn out great!


4. If you don’t like something and it’s really something that bothers you severely, say it!

5. Don’t expect a lot of freedom if you’re not twenty-one.

6. Don’t have unrealistic expectations, especially: DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE MOVIES!

7. Expect the unexpected.


8. Talk to other people face to face as much and as often as possible.

9. Join clubs and extra-curriculur activities at your school.

10. Be prepared for the culture shock when you come back!

Milena, Lina, Hannah, Lena, Ria, Kira & Lina


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