Ulricianer abroad [11/x]: „Work & Travel“ with Johannes & Lennert in New Zealand

Ulricianer abroad [11/x]: „Work & Travel“ with Johannes & Lennert in New Zealand

Hello Johannes

We are Sönke and Yannik and we want to do Work & Travel after our Abitur, too. Because of that we’d like to make a little interview with you about your Work & Travel experiences.

So I send you just our questions and if you find some time in the following days or weeks you can send me the answers.

  •  Maybe at first you can introduce yourself and tell a little bit why you did Work & Travel after your Abitur. How did you get the idea and so on.
  •  What sort of preparations did you do befor the trip to New Zealand? Did you travel with an organisation or on your own?
  • Maybe some general information about your trip.
  •  How was the first week in New Zealand and what was your first impression? Was New Zealand a change for you or was it is easy to get along in the country?



  •  How long did you need to find a job and what was your first job? Is it easy to find a job?
  •  What was your most impressive moment in New Zealand? I saw a lot of impressive pictures on your blog 😀
  •  Were there moments when you wished to be at home?
  •  Would you do it the same again or would you change anythings?
  •  What kind of advice would you give someone who will do Work & Travel in the future?

If you have anything else worth knowing you can add it.

Thanks for the interview and have a good time in New Zealand.

All the best,

Sönke & Yannik

Lennerd (left) & Johannes (right)

Lennerd (left) & Johannes (right)

Hey guys,

please excuse my little delay of not answering you right away but as you were following my blog I am sure you can imagine how busy I sometimes am here. And by being busy I mean that I’ve just returned from an extremely exhausting surf trip. Now I indeed found some spare time to rest and to answer the questions you’ve sent me, so here we go:

Well, actually I decided to do a „Work&Travel“-year because I still wasn’t sure about what I wanna study at university at that stage. Apart from that traveling is always a good thing to do and after your Abitur it is probably the best time to do something like this.

13_johannes0002 13_johannes0003 13_johannes0004

Long time before I graduated from highschool I already decided to have a gap-year in form of work&travel. Due to the fact that I was really busy studying for the Abitur I couldn’t find any time to prepare this trip. As a result this trip was very spontaneous. I did not plan a lot neither did I do this with the help of an organization because the original aim of my trip was to become more individual and independent so I thought: „Why don’t I just go for it and see what happens.“

So I chose the countries that I wanted to travel to, booked the flights, saved some money and left. Still there were a bunch of things I had to care about such as applying for the visas for the different countries, getting an international drivers‘ license and seeing my doctor for essential vaccinations.

Considering that this was not my first time being in New Zealand ( I spent half a year in Cambridge as an exchange in grade eleven) it was a very pleasant feeling to be back here and surely not hard for me at all to adopt again to the way of living here.

It took me quite a while to find a job but that was only because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not knowing that it was not the right season I spent two weeks looking for a farm job. If you are in season, though, farms are looking for plenty of workers and it is easy to find a job. My first job was working for a job agency in Christchurch where I always had to do different kinds of jobs from week to week. Mostly it was general labor, helping to rebuild the city of Christchurch which got destroyed by an earthquake in 2011.

13_johannes0005 13_johannes0006 13_johannes0007

My most impressive moment in NZ was when I got surprised by a group of dolphins while I was surfing. They were circling around us and jumping high out of the water right beside us.

The only moment where I really wished to be at home was Christmas Eve because this is usually a time for me where I spend a lot of time with my family. It just didn’t feel like proper Christmas time whilst I was sunbathing and having a barbeque instead of sitting in front of the chimney with a hot drink watching the snow falling outside the window.


…feels like home, doesn’t it, gentlemen??? [dt is envious!]


Swimming with dolphins

If I had the chance to do a work&travel year once again, I would do everything just the same. Traveling for a year through the world has a huge impact on everyone’s life and I can assure you that it is definitely worth giving it a shot to do a work&travel year.

I hope this helps you a little bit,

Greeting to the rest of your class,



>> Definitely worth reading regularly: Johannes‘ Blog (unfortunately in German…)