Visit of the Australian Josh Moshead

Visit of the Australian Josh Moshead

Visit on 5th October, 2015

Josh Morshead is an Australian and lived in his home Melbourne until 2011. In 2006 he met his future-wife in his home city as she was travelling all around Australia. He told us that she stayed there one week longer for him to show her the real Melbourne with his friends. They married in 2009 but Josh came to Germany with her in 2011. Now he has been living here for four years.

Josh’s presentation about Australian was very interesting. First, he told us about the size of Australia. Is it believable that Australia is 29 times bigger than Germany? Moreover he told us about, for example the beaches and deserts. Did you know that there are people, like policemen, controlling with air planes whether there are sharks in the water? There are also nets under water to keep them away. But Josh also talked about the dangers of Australia like the ten most dangerous spiders, snakes und the biggest sharks and also about bushfires, which start because of the dry climate and eucalyptus trees.

Josh likes his home very much, especially the cafés which are cool and funky there and Australian football. Australian football is a mix of rugby, football and basketball with an oval ball. The special thing is that there are Aboriginal players, too, although they were separated from the white Australians for a long time. He told us the most important facts about Aboriginals like the problems in their past (for example the Stolen Generation) and nowadays (for example drug addiction), about the National Sorry Day and so much more.

I think, I can say on behalf of everyone that Josh Morshead is a really nice man with a really good sense of humour. With some German words and his cool accent he made us laugh many times. Moreover he seemed very open to us, he spoke sincerely about Australia and Germany. Also, Josh’s presentation was very easy to understand with all the pictures and his good explanations.

If you are in grade 5-8, you can hope that Josh will visit you, too in the years to come.







Tram Huynh, 9E