7B: 4 Reviews zum neuen Mary Poppins Film

Die Klassen Klassen 7b, 6g und 6h haben sich kürzlich den neuen Mary Poppins Film im Kino angesehen.

Wie er ihnen gefiel, könnt ihr im Folgenden lesen:

Aliena: „I would recommend “Mary Poppins Returns” to everybody who loved the first part.“

The film „Mary Poppins Returns“ is the second part of the musical film „Mary Poppins“. The film tells the story of the spoiled children Michael and Jane. The kids scare away their nannies until Mary Poppins shows up. She raises the kids and experiences adventures with them and Bert, the chimney sweep. In the end the children and their parents are a family again and Mary Poppins leaves when the wind turns around. I expected the second part to have the same switch from the real world to a wonderful, colourful, crazy world, the dream of every child.

“Mary Poppins Returns” plays in 1930s London. Michael and Jane are adults now. Michael has three kids, Annabel, Georgie and John and they live in his childhood house after the death of his wife. The director of the bank, Wilkins, wants this house and tells Michael that if he doesn’t repay the loan, the house will be repossessed. Michael and Jane don’t want to lose it and start looking for the share certificate, which can help them to get the shares in the bank which their father had left them. While they’re looking for it, the kids meet Mary Poppins. She says that she’ll take care of them as their nanny. The kids and Mary Poppins have a lot of fun and live through many adventures together with lamplighter Jack. In the wonderful world their nanny shows them, the children can find their lost childhood. In the end Michael and Jane find the certificate (with a little help from Mary Poppins) and when everything is fine, she leaves the Banks family.

The plot is very interesting and it’s a good story, but sometimes it’s a little bit predictable.

Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins is the perfect cast and Lin-Manuel Miranda acts the best Jack ever. Ben Wishaw and Emily Mortimer as Michael and Jane Banks act great, too, but the youngest actors were especially brilliant. Pixie Dawson as Annabel Banks, Nathanael Saleh as John Banks and Joel Dawson as Georgie Banks were very convincing and perfect for their characters.

I liked the film, because it stays in the Mary Poppins world we already know from part 1, but it wasn’t exactly the same and it showed another perspective, e.g. that the kids were really polite and well-behaved and didn’t want a nanny, because they thought that they could do everything on their own.

Some parts of the film were a little bit strange and unbelievable, like the last scene, when suddenly Walters uncle shows up. The soundtrack was great and just right. It was good that there were new songs by Marc Shaiman and Scott Witman, so you didn`t have the feeling that you`re in Mary Poppins 1. The style of the music is similar to the original soundtrack of the first film, so you can still recognise Mary Poppins 1 in the second film.

The musical film is similar to its first part. They are both great, but “Mary Poppins Returns” offers a new perspective on the Marry Poppins World. E.g. in the first one the kids were spoiled and Mary Poppins had do educate them. In the second one the kids are well-behaved and Mary Poppins has to show them how to use their fantasy.

The film tells you that you sometimes just have to be a child again and imagine things in order to be happy. I think this message is important for everybody, because people often become too quiet and serious. If they remembered their childhood, they would be happy and free from worries. The film conveys this message.

The film has also a cultural context. Jane Banks demonstrates for the rights of workers and their safety. The director wanted to refer to the unemployed workers movement in the 1930s.

I would recommend “Mary Poppins Returns” to everybody who loved the first part. The film is perfect for families, young kids and everybody who loved Mary Poppins 1.

Paula: „The plot is interesting and cheerful, but the first movie was better.“

“Mary Poppins Returns” is the second movie in the Mary Poppins series. The first movie ”Mary Poppins” was published in 1964. The movie is about two spoiled children. The father wants to employ a nanny. The children write a message for the newspaper, but the father doesn’t agree with that and throws the paper into the fire. The paper doesn’t burn and instead flies out of the chimney to Mary Poppins. When nannies stand in front of the door, a storm comes and the nannies fly away. Only one of them stays. Mary Poppins. It is said that Mary Poppins would leave again when the wind turns.

I expected from the second movie that the songs would be different and that the movie would once more be cheerful. The second movie is about the children and Mary Poppins helps the Banks children who are about to lose their house. This time Mary Poppins leaves when the door is open. The plot is interesting and cheerful, but the first movie was better. I like the actress who plays Mary Poppins, Emily Blunt, because you can really sympathize with her acting. One of the weaknesses of the movie is the soundtrack, which did not exactly sweep me away. The movie is a musical film and I think that the director wanted to express that nothing is impossible. I think that the movie is for children, because it’s carefree and cheerful, but not as exciting as films like “Mission Impossible” or “Lord of the Rings”.

Sophie: I think the film is good for teenagers, and families.

The film ‚Mary Poppins Returns‘ is the second part and a musical film. The first film is called ‚Mary Poppins‘ and is about two spoiled children whose father employs Mary Poppins, who is a nanny. Finally the family is a family again and Mary Poppins leaves. I expected from the second film, that it would be just as good as the first one. Mary Poppins would have to go back and magic would play a big part in the film. Also the songs would be good. In the first scenes, the children walk in the park and Georgie finds a kite. While the kite is in the sky, Mary Poppins comes. This scene is rather predictable. Then Mary Poppins helps the Banks family with magic. It’s not all true and I could not indentify with everything, but some scenes are also interesting and beautifull. The main character is Mary Poppins. She’s very mysterious. Also there are the members of the Banks family. The parents have problems and the children do not believe in magic. I think that I’m like Mary Poppins. I can’t perform magic but i believe in fantasy. I like the film, but for someone who doesn’t believe in magic, it has too much magic. The soundtrack is very good. The message of the film is that one should believe in magic and that one should never give up. The director’s message is good for families, that don’t have enough time for each other. I recommend the film and would like to watch it again. I think the film is good for teenagers, and families.

Jula: „It’s funny and has a really good story“

„Mary Poppins Returns“ is the second part of the Mary Poppins series. Both movies are musicals with songs like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious“. The first part is about the two siblings Michael and Jane Banks, who live in London. Their father was going to employ a nanny, because he and his wife didn’t have enough time for their children. In the end he employed Mary Poppins. But Mary Poppins isn’t a normal nanny. She can fly and has a talking animal on her umbrella. She and the siblings experience many adventures. The movie ends with Mary Poppins‘ goodbye. The second part is about Michael’s children Anabel, John and Georgie. Michael hasn’t got enough money to pay for the house, so two lawyers come and set a time limit. Jane overhears that and they try to find the paper that proves their father’s share of the bank. At the same time Mary Poppins returns. She babysits the children, who are trying to help their father and aunt. Finally, Mary Poppins solves the problem and the family can move back into their house. The second movie also ends with Mary Poppins‘ goodbye. The main actors are: Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins), Ben Wishaw (Micheal Banks), Emily Mortimer (Jane Banks), Pixie Davies (Anabel), Nathanael Saleh (John) and Joel Dawson (Georgie). I really liked how Georgie, Anabel and John were played. But I didn’t like the new Mary Poppins actress Emily Blunt. I like Julie Andrews from the old Mary Poppins better, but I really like the new songs. Most of all the last song. But I really missed “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. I would say the film is for young and old, because it’s funny and has a really good story.

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